This Hairstylist’s “Hair Sprinkles” Are the Prettiest New Way to Adorn Locs — See Photos

Despite some misconceptions, locs are a very versatile hairstyle. Besides the different types of locs that exist (sister locs, freeform locs, or even faux ones for those not looking to commit to the whole process), there are so many designs and styles that exist for locs. Yet one Washington, D.C.-based TikTok user is introducing a whole new way to style locs with a brand of decorations called Hair Sprinkles.

Hair Sprinkles are pretty much exactly what they sound like — colorful beads in various tiny sizes that are attached to the hair as decoration. Amber Mimz created the brand and application technique that she uses on clients to produce the many stunning results, like the ones in the compilation video below, that she shares on the brand’s TikTok. Although the video shows them mostly on clients with sister locs, Hair Sprinkles can be worn on any texture. 

While watching the video above, you’ll notice how the sprinkles are placed differently on each client for a completely custom look. The time it takes to install these hair adornments can truly depend on the client, Mimz tells Allure. She says it can take as little as 15 minutes to adorn a singular loc or up to four hours when customers are looking for more detailed work. 

There are temporary and permanent services to choose from as well. The temporary service lasts for at least 6 weeks while the more permanent services last anywhere from nine months to as long as two years. And don’t worry, you don’t have to change how you wash or style your hair, the sprinkles won’t fall out. 

If you can’t make the trip to D.C. to get Mimz’s service, don’t worry because she offers a Hair Sprinkles 101 Workshop where she teaches clients how to apply the adornments at home — the course comes with a kit that has everything you need. With the workshop, Mimz also certifies stylists so that they can perform the services for their own clientele. (You can check her website for the current list of certified stylists.)

These Hair Sprinkles are definitely cute with a capital C. Peruse the brand’s TikTok or Instagram to see all the beautiful creations Mimz has created — trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Sprinkles are great on top of creamy ice cream, but Mimz has proven that they look amazing in the hair, too.

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