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This German Shepherd Proves Dogs Really Do Make The Best Friends

If you have a German Shepherd, you know firsthand that it is one of the most loyal and protective breeds out there. There is a reason why police departments often choose this dog to work in their K9 units. Not only are they very smart, they are brave, strong, and work well under pressure. They also have great stamina, capable of working long hours without tiring easily.

Because they are obedient and highly trainable, they also make wonderful house pets. They are actually the second most popular dog in the US, behind only the Labrador Retriever. Germans are so smart that they can understand a new command with five repetitions or less. In fact, they obey the first command given 95% of the time.

About German Shepherds

They are also incredibly beautiful dogs, coming in eleven different colors ranging from white to black. The most common coat for a German Shepherd is tan and black. Some are called “panda herders” because of their unusual coloration caused by a genetic mutation. Dogs with this coat color have white markings on the chest, neck, belly, tip of the tail, and muzzle. This gives them the appearance of a panda, hence the name.

In addition to their beauty and intelligence, their love of adventure makes them great pet. They have a very curious and energetic personality, which is why they love to explore new places. Since they also have a lot of stamina, they are the ideal breed for taking long hikes or backpacking trips.

Mike, a German Shepherd owner who lives in Ontario, Canada, considers his dog Buddy his best friend. They do everything together and record their friendship for the world to admire. We will tell you a little more about their close bond and share some photos of them together.

This canine friend shows why dogs really are man’s best friends

Buddy and Mike love to go on long car rides together. Mike takes you everywhere from the pet store to food tours anywhere in between. They love to explore and venture together, seeing what the world has to offer. Buddy’s also had the pleasure of seeing Niagara Falls, which made him a lucky dog! Mike likes to go sightseeing, but it is always better if his best friend is with him.

“Buddy and I met when he was 5 weeks old. I was looking for a King Shepherd and found a litter online in Woodstock, Ontario, ”says Mike. “I’m from Niagara Falls, Ontario, so I decided to get in the car and take the two-hour drive to see the garbage.”

When he got to the breeder’s house, the breeder had just let the puppies and mom go for a run. When he let the dogs out of their pen, the mother and all the puppies except one ran to the left. When Mike saw the last puppy running to the right, he knew right then that he loved it.

Since then, they have been inseparable. In their videos, it is clear that they have a unique connection to each other. When Mike talks to Buddy, he seems to really understand and Listen carefully to what Mike says. He tilts his head left and right when Mike speaks, as if he is really trying to understand the conversation. Whether you know what’s being said or not, it’s adorable to watch.

In one clip, Mike asks, “Do you remember when you were a puppy, I used to take you to the glen? The glen is that place with all the stairs that we go down by the Niagara River. Does Buddy want me to take him there … and have a nice ride today? “

Buddy the German Shepherd is the best friend Mike could ask for

The entire time Mike is talking, Buddy tilts his head and turns all his attention to him. When Mike finishes, Buddy barks as if to say “Yes!” It’s amazing how dogs seem to understand us, even though we speak a completely different language. When Mike records videos in the car, Buddy also makes these same gestures from the back seat.

“Some of the things we like to do are nice long car rides; he loves to travel by car. In fact, we look for puppies and I point to the pups, he looks for them and we have a lot of fun, ”says Mike.

“I love taking it with me on vacation; we make road trips all the time, and he’s a great travel companion. “

Besides driving, Buddy and Mike like to spend time playing ball together. In one of his videos, Mike places different colored balls and asks Buddy to bring him the blue one. Almost without hesitation, he takes the correct ball and brings it to Mike. You can easily see the intelligence of this German Shepherd based on his great understanding of commands.

However, raising a dog is not without its challenges and sacrifices. Anyone who wants to adopt a German Shepherd or any other animal should make sure they are really ready for one.

“My advice to anyone looking to rescue or adopt is, of course, do it! But make sure you have the time, patience and wherewithal to care for that pet, because they really need to be cared for as you would your own child, ”says Mike.

However, if you try hard, owning a pet is extremely rewarding and comforting.

Final thoughts: German Shepherd Buddy and Mike are two peas in a pod

Buddy undoubtedly makes life more satisfying and joyful for Mike. He has changed his life for the better and that of his mother.

“Buddy not only brings positivity into my life, he also brings positivity into the lives of my family, and especially my mom who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He has a healing power with her that is absolutely amazing. She could be in a worse mood or not remember things, and when Buddy arrives, he’s a different person. “

“How much more love your pet, the more your pet will love you. The more you talk to your pet, the more he will try to listen and understand, and for me, that is by far the most rewarding. “

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