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This Corgi Understands the Importance of a Fun Morning Routine

Milton, a 7 month old Corgi puppy, always starts his day on the right note. It could definitely teach us a thing or two about the importance of a morning routine. Corgis are known for having big and interesting personalities, and Milton is no exception. His owner Maddie describes one of her favorite things about the adorable pup below.

“One super unique thing that Milton does that I really love about him is his morning stretches. This started the first day we brought Milton home, and when he was getting used to his cage training and routine with us, ”says Maddie. “Now the first thing he does every morning when I let him out of his box is run up to me and do a big stretch, right before I can hug him and caress for the day. “

Like humans, dogs also need a good stretch before starting their day! Helps relax joints and muscles and helps shake off sleep. Especially for dogs that are kept in cages, they will want to stretch when they wake up.

On her blog, Maddie says that cage training is important for dogs. It helps them learn that the cage is a positive place and it also helps them learn to go to the bathroom.

You basically make your pup comfortable in a crate by throwing treats inside. Then close the door briefly and repeat the process, increasing the amount of time it stays in the box each time. You may also want to keep the box in your bedroom and place a blanket over it. This makes the puppy feel more secure and comfortable.

Why cage training is important for Corgi puppies

As for potty training, you’ll want to take out a new puppy every few hours, even at night. Then toss a treat in your box when you return to increase the positive association. Fortunately, Maddie says that Milton never whined in his cage, so he’s a well-behaved pup!

During the day, he recommends leaving your puppy in a box after playtime or when you’re not looking at him. Also, when you eat, it is important to keep your puppy in a separate space. Why put the puppy in a cage so often? Well, for one thing, it’s an important part of the potty training process.

Dogs don’t like to use the bathroom where they sleep. So by putting them in a box when they are most likely to need a bathroom break (i.e. after playing and eating), you show that you control when you go out. That way, he learns to associate going outside with bathroom breaks. Make sure to take the dogs out every three to four hours, especially when they are puppies. Bottom line: cages help control potty breaks as well as offering dogs a safe space.

Before getting Milton, Maddie made sure to learn everything she could about the Corgi breed. In addition to cage training, he also researched potty training, sleeping patterns, and a basic shopping list for Corgi puppies. With all of that information, she felt ready to finally adopt her favorite breed of dog.

“So we brought Milton home on January 16, 2021. In particular, I wanted a Corgi because of how dumb and smart they are. And seeing the Corgi community on social media, I think, was what really got me hooked. His personality was honestly evident the first day we brought Milton home, ”Maddie said.

The little Corgi with a big personality

“He immediately started playing with his toys and walking in a fun, typical Corgi way. By the third day, he had even mastered “sitting down,” so we knew Milton was something special. I think Milton’s great personality has been the biggest factor that pushed me to want to create social media accounts for him, ”Maddie said.

“For example, Milton loves to sleep and play with the toys on his back. I feel like multiple times during the day, I can look and see him lying on his back, either passed out or, you know, playing with the toy, so that’s just a super fun thing that I can introduce on social media and show people “.

Corgis have a stereotype of being silly, fun-loving dogs, making them popular pets. Not to mention, they’re adorable, fluffy, and smart, so what can’t you love? While Maddie had a few surprises having a puppy, she wouldn’t trade Milton for anything.

“The the most rewarding thing about having a pet and one dog, in particular, is watching his personality grow and develop. Getting Milton when he was a puppy, I had a special privilege in doing this because you’re really getting them all along when they’re just a little fluff ball, “says Maddie,” and you’re watching them honestly grow quickly into these adult dogs with these unique personalities, fears and tastes “.

Maddie also loves that Milton always knows how she feels. When she’s sad, for example, Milton can feel it right away and runs to comfort her.

Maddie’s advice for anyone looking to adopt a pet:

“I would start by examining your lifestyle and finding out if you can accommodate a pet and more specifically what type of pet would suit your lifestyle and needs. Having a pet is truly an unforgettable journey and thank you for letting me share mine, ”he says.

Final thoughts on the Corgi understanding the value of a morning routine

All dogs they have their own unique personalities, including Milton the Corgi. For a little 7 month old puppy, he certainly makes his presence known and takes pride in his uniqueness. Every morning before Milton greets Maddie; it does a great stretch when it comes out of its cage. He’s adorable to watch, and it’s one of Maddie’s favorite things about him.

It’s always fun to watch your dog grow up and learn his little quirks and cute habits. What do you love the most about your dog or pet? Let us know in the comments!

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