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This 2 Ingredient Colon Cleanse Flushes POUNDS of Waste FAST

Do you feel bloated, even when you are eating healthy? Do you have a weekend of excesses and wish you could do it again? It may be time for a cleanup. You can do it right in the comfort of your home. It is so easy and inexpensive. You probably have the ingredients for this colon cleanse in your pantry right now.

A colon cleanse is a great way to flush toxins from your body and restore your digestive system. Afterward, it will feel like you’ve been given a fresh start.

This specific drinkable home remedy is easy, gentle, effective, and natural (unlike some, ouch!). This is not a fast flush type of colon cleanse. It will simply purify the system while the ingredients work to help your body filter out toxins as waste. Then, it will help you retain the good bacterial balance in your digestive system.

Colon cleansing ingredients

This colon cleansing recipe is very simple. The two ingredients you will need are unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ floating at the bottom and some raw, raw honey. Shake the bottle of apple cider vinegar to mix the unfiltered part that sits on the bottom before measuring the amount of vinegar to use.

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has recently garnered a lot of interest from the medical research community and those seeking natural remedies for health problems. It is inexpensive and provides many benefits for the health of your colon and the rest of your body.

When shopping for apple cider vinegar, look for the raw variety. It is the bottle that still has the cloudy matter floating at the bottom. It is the good product called “mother” and it has many nutritional benefits that have not been leaked. These unfiltered particles will give you the most benefits to cleanse your colon quickly.

The ‘mother’ of apple cider vinegar contains the bacteria acetobacter, which combines with oxygen to ferment apple cider into vinegar. This is a helpful bacteria that breaks down food in our gut. Apple cider vinegar can also help reduce intestinal irregularity and lower blood sugar levels after a meal and lower blood pressure.

The colon cleansing study that backs this up

Raw, unprocessed honey contains many great health benefits and they work to help flush out toxins and cleanse the colon quickly. Honey, according to recent research in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. Honey contains eugenol, a phenolic compound that has been shown to have antitumor properties. Playing with the eugenol concentrations in the study, the researchers could reduce the spread of colon cancer by nearly 40%.

The active compounds in raw honey help eliminate cancer calls in your body, which is a great reason to use it in a safe colon cleanse. We also get probiotics from unfiltered honey. Probiotics help restore healthy bacteria in your digestive system. These bacteria help you digest food and absorb nutrients. Honey helps increase these levels of good bacteria in your system.

Colon cleansing recipe:

To an 8-ounce glass of warm water, add:

  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey

Stir this mixture well until the honey dissolves. You can drink this at the beginning of your day or anytime you feel like you need to cleanse your colon. Feel free to continue your normal daily activities without worrying about when the cleanse will take effect. You don’t need to be around a bathroom constantly with this type of colon cleanse.

Health benefits:

Journal of Food Science researchers They say that vinegar is a seriously beneficial health substance that enhances foods with many healthy compounds. They say that vinegar’s therapeutic effects arise from consuming the many bioactive components it contains, including acetic acid, gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, and ferulic acid.

Researchers say that the many bioactive compounds in vinegar have health benefits including:

  • Antioxidant
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Antimicrobial
  • Prevents cancerous tumors
  • Helps obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Reduce the cholesterol

Specifically, regarding colon cancer, the researchers cite a Japanese study that found that rice wine vinegar reduced colon cancer in rats and killed other types of cancer cells, including lung, breast, bladder and cancer cells. prostate.

As always, if you have any health concerns or areas of concern, check with your primary care physician first before trying this colon cleanse. Good luck!

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