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They Sang with a Thousand Tongues

They sang with a thousand tongues

April 25, 2021– “Dare I say that our most pressing imperative today – if one is allowed to speak that way – is to regain the thickness of our language and learn the names and faces of our neighbors; it is to realize that Our worldview is just a title in a never-ending sentence; it’s to see that there are more ways to learn than school and polished titles could accommodate and more ways to live than could be captured in a Facebook post. The imperative is to recognize that Our theories of change have to change and that urgency is not always a function of increased effort and logical coherence. We must re-acquaint ourselves with allies that cannot be seen, too subtle to the modern eye, and forgotten human capabilities that are wonderful more. there to compare, too outrageous for rational thought. We must recognize that our crises arise from clinging too tightly to a single story, from drinking from a single story. the spring that dries up while others flow unattended. This recognition also implies that there are no convenient ‘others’, no convenient enemies, and that we are the systems we oppose. It means admitting we don’t know the answers, talking less about the questions, and that’s okay. “Bayo Akomolafe tells a story of Western values ​​in this thought-provoking piece.108 reads)

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