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These Bad Habits Americans Picked Up in 2020 They Want to Get Rid of in 2021

Nearly half of Americans who work from home have left early for a drink, according to a new survey, and 45% of these respondents have taken the liberty of having an alcoholic beverage during the workday.

The survey surveyed 2,000 nationally representative adults (roughly 800 of whom work from home) to examine the habits people have acquired during lockdown and how they plan to deal with them in the new year.

Conducted by OnePoll, the survey found that 53% of respondents have been drinking alcohol more frequently during the pandemic.

In fact, 64% of those who are employed (1,400 respondents) shared that virtual happy hours with their co-workers have increased their alcohol consumption, and 52% of all respondents said they have felt the need to drink while watch the news this year.

So it comes as no surprise that six in 10 have said they will try to drink less in 2021.

Drinking more is not the only habit respondents admit they would like to change.

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Two in five people shared that they have eaten more snacks and comfort foods as the quarantine continues, and that they have been stress eating an average of three times a week.

Other habits that grew in the past year include drinking too much caffeine (32%) and staying in pajamas all day (23%).

It is also not surprising that one in 10 respondents who worked from home also found it increasingly difficult to get out of bed during the work week and often fell asleep.

With so many months of reinforcement, 45% of those surveyed said they worried that they would never be able to get out of these routines.

Yet seven in 10 respondents say they plan to start 2021 with a clean slate to improve their health.

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Some of the top goals for the new year included resolutions to exercise more (53%), eat more fruits and vegetables (51%), and plan more meals (36%).

“2020 has been difficult, so it is not surprising that alcohol consumption has increased,” said Nick Taranto, founder of HOP WTR who invented a non-alcoholic beer and sponsored the survey. “20% of those over 21 said their main goal for 2021 is to drink less alcohol.”


Snack more throughout the day – 40%
Eat more comfort foods: 39%
Not eating as many fruits and vegetables as they should: 33%
Drinking too much caffeine – 32%
Eat more junk food – 32%
Not eating three meals a day – 31%
Drinking too much alcohol – 26%
Not exercising – 25%
Staying in pajamas all day – 23%
Sleeping too much during the workday while working from home: 11%


Exercising regularly – 53%
Eat more fruits and vegetables – 51%
Meal planning: 36%
Regulate your sleep schedule – 35%
Jogging – 33%
Portion control – 29%
Fad diet – 23%
Drink less alcohol – 21%

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