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Kai, a golden retriever / lab mix therapy dog, lost a whopping 100 pounds in just one year. Now you can live a fuller and happier life as a result of your massive weight loss transformation. At one point, his weight made it difficult for him to even walk. But now he can run and play like a normal dog.

His story began when his previous owners took him to the vet last March and found that he weighed 173 pounds. The vet said they would have to euthanize him. Instead, his owners took him to a local animal rescue. From there, his foster mother Pam adopted him and helped him lose excess weight. I wanted her to enjoy life again. Kai’s vet closely monitored his weight loss, making sure he stayed healthy in the process.

A new family for Kai

“When I first met him, I was amazed that he could still be so kind and caring when he had to suffer a lot,” Pam said. He also said that Kai couldn’t do the normal things that most dogs did when he was overweight. “He couldn’t run, he couldn’t play in the park.”

Seeing that he needed help, Pam decided to take him in and help him lose 100 pounds. Once she lost all the weight, she said she could finally enjoy life and get back to normal dog activities. It broke her heart to see him fight so hard when she met him. He said it took two or three people to lift it. Also, he could only walk 5 or 10 steps before he got too tired.

To lose the extra weight, they went on a lot of walks together and Pam made sure to feed him a healthy diet. He also went to lakes and other places with water, so Kai would have some resistance training by walking through them.

Kai becomes a certified therapy dog

After he lost weight, Pam said she signed him up to become a certified therapy dog ​​so he could make hospital visits. Besides making people smile in hospitals, he also enjoys going to the dog park. Other activities he loves include playing with his dog brothers and eating fruits like bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Kai really lives his best life now after his dramatic weight loss transformation.

“Nothing makes him happier than dinner time when he knows he’s going to be fed and he loves taking road trips,” Pam said.

Pam says that if you’ve ever thought about fostering or adopting, you should give it a try because it helps dogs find loving homes. “Parenting is a really great way, it’s like trying on a pair of shoes, and you decide if it’s the perfect fit for you.”

While Pam initially only adopted Kai, he seemed to be a wonderful fit with her and her family, so she adopted him. His decision to make him part of his family transformed Kai’s life forever, both physically and emotionally.

“He is literally always happy, and I am so thankful that his owners decided to give him up instead of leaving him. I am forever grateful to have him as part of our family. “

Kai seems to have the greatest mother ever, who takes him on beautiful hikes all over his home country of Canada. Here, they explored Elk Island National Park in Edmonton:

“I had an amazing afternoon walking and sightseeing at #elkislandnationalpark
We hiked the Lakeview Trail (Astotin Lake), and then we did the Moss Lake Trail. The weather was a bit of everything: sun, rain, and even a little hail.

The Bison were out and about and they were so beautiful. Our hike to Mud Lake was interrupted by a herd, and since we are at her home, Mom said respect is key. If you look closely, you can see them in the trees. Some were very close to the road, so close up photos. “

Kai has a new friend.

A few months ago, Pam decided to raise another overweight dog named Woody. She also wants to help him become his best self, just like she did Kai!

“I have BIG news: everyone meet my new foster brother, Woody! Woody tips the scales at a whopping 209 pounds (95.2 kg). I’m going to help you on your weight loss journey, I already know a thing or two about that. “

Pam says it should weigh about half, but she will help him get there little by little. Will Woody also become a therapy dog?

Does your dog need to lose weight?

Fortunately, both dogs have an amazing owner who helped them lead a better and healthier life. Sadly, many dogs are overweight or obese in our modern world. If you have dogs, remember that they need a healthy diet and regular exercise just like humans. Your dog’s vet can answer any questions you may have about recommended foods or supplements for your specific breed of dog.

All dogs deserve to live long and happy lives, and we can play a role in that. Dogs love humans unconditionally, so we must do our best to return that love to them. If you like outdoor activities, take your dog with you! Provides a perfect bonding and exercise opportunity for your fluffy friend. Or even a walk around the neighborhood will help your dog stay in shape and get out of the house a bit.

What kinds of activities or adventures do you enjoy with your dog (s)? Share with us in the comments!


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