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The Winter Hair Care Guide for Textured Tresses

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Winter is nearly upon us, and that means there are harsh, cold temperatures on the way. That also means that our tresses will require extra attention and care. Those wool caps can cause split ends, and the freezing temps could dry our tresses. Let’s face it: Winter can be our hair’s enemy sometimes. And since many of us are staying home these days, it’s even more challenging trying to maintain our tresses without professional assistance.

That’s where the newly-announced SallyCrew comes in. SallyCrew will play a pivotal role in Sally Beauty’s new education initiative, DIY University by Sally Beauty. The program is centered around educational content for the at-home DIYer. To create this team, the beauty company conducted a nationwide search to find ambassadors who were skill at making beauty accessible, approachable and inspiring for everyone.

Beauty influencer Zenita Collie (@truleytalentedbeauty) was chosen to be one of the four SallyCrew ambassadors, and she took a moment to offer Hype Hair readers some tips on how to keep your strands supple and moisturized this season.

SallyCrew Ambassador Zenita Collie
Courtesy of Sally Beauty

HYPE HAIR: Congrats on joining the SallyCrew. How does it feel to earn this honor?

ZENITA COLLIE: Thank you, it feels surreal! I started this year off with a desire to really invest in myself and try to create content for a living. When the SallyCrew opportunity was announced a few months later, it just seemed like fate. It’s crazy because I’ve been shopping at Sally Beauty since I was a teenager, especially since they were one of the only places selling a wide range of textured hair products from the beginning. I’m super excited to share everything I’ve learned on my DIY journey alongside a talented group of ladies, which can be found at I literally had no clue if I was going to be where I am today. I just knew that my initial step towards investing in myself allowed me to pursue an amazing opportunity like this. 

HH: It’s so hard to keep our hair moisturized during these colder months. What advice would you have to help readers keep their hair moisturized?                    

ZENITA: The main thing to focus on during colder months is moisture retention, and I recommend starting the hydrating process in the shower with a restorative deep conditioner. After washing, follow up with a moisturizer that is nice and thick, like the TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer, because it will last longer. The most important step is sealing that moisture into the hair with an oil of your choice. Finally, to ensure that moisture lasts until your next wash day, I recommend wearing your hair in braids or twists underneath a scarf. That way, you’re only letting your curls out when it’s necessary and not drying the hair out. 

HH: Many love to change their hair color around this time of year, but how can readers maintain their color and keep their hair healthy during the colder months?

ZENITA: I’m definitely one of those people who love to switch up their color this time of year! With my textured hair, I plan out my hair care routine in advance, before and after applying the color. Whenever using a hair dye, always make sure to pick up a mask or color treatment to go with it, like the ion Color Defense After Color Sealer Packette. I also make sure to not dye my hair if it seems to be super brittle or in a damaged state. If it is, I recommend treating it with deep conditioning or opting for a trim before depositing the color on your hair. 

HH: How should someone address dry scalp issues during this time of year?

ZENITA: The scalp can be super sensitive, so I’m a big believer in moisturizing it with products you are already putting into your hair, like deep conditioners or moisturizing creams, instead of just oils. If you’re experiencing dry scalp while using oils, try applying a cream-based product on your scalp first, then apply the oils to seal in moisture and help soothe those scalp issues. 

HH: Many choose to heat style their tresses when it’s colder. Are there any products you’d recommend for heat protection? 

ZENITA: I’m personally not big on heat styling, but if I’m about to blow dry my hair, I like using products that are both moisturizing and protective at the same time. The Doux We Want Easy Texture Tamer is great because it functions as a leave-in and a heat protectant all in one. For protection, while straightening, I love the Proclaim Color and Heat Protection Glossing Polish. I’ve used this product for years, and it never fails. 

HH: Many will choose protective styles during the winter. What would you recommend for readers wanting to keep their own hair healthy and thriving?

ZENITA: I love doing protective styles, especially in the wintertime. However, a lot of people forget that a protective style is supposed to PROTECT your hair, not just tuck it away. Make sure to avoid styling the hair in a way that dries it out or causes too much tension as it could lead to breakage. A trick I use is to apply moisturizing products so that my hair can soak it up even when it’s twisted away. If I’m using Marley hair, I apply the product to it as well. 

HH: How can readers prevent breakage from the friction of hair against our sweaters or underneath hats?

ZENITA: To prevent breakage from friction, I recommend wearing satin-lined caps. You can also create your own satin barrier using a bonnet between your hair and any hats/scarfs. If your hair is out, I recommend using a serum that helps prevent breakage, such as the TGIN Anti-Breakage Serum, especially on the ends of your hair. 

HH: What is your top tip for winter haircare?

ZENITA: Protect, Protect, Protect! This is the time of the year where the air and the snow can be very harsh, especially on textured hair. The greatest gift to give your hair during these months is to leave it alone, so I’d recommend giving your hair a break and keeping it protected instead. 

This is also the perfect time to really work on hair growth and retention. Keeping it in a protective style that locks in moisture and reduces manipulation really helps with length retention and furthering hair growth.

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