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The Wanting Memories project

June 19, 2021– We have all lost someone we love and wonder how we could live without him, without his touch, his breath and his wisdom. In this song, songwriter Ysaye Barnwell voices our deepest longings to remember our deceased loved ones and find the strength to bring their deepest lessons into our lives now. “The songs have an intention in themselves, but when we sing together, we define who we are,” says Ysaye Barnwell, who is also a teacher, activist and 30-year-old member of the vocal ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock. His love for music has brought together a diversity of people to sing with the voice of the community and has helped them find the power to work for healing and social change in the world. (176 reads)

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To take actionRemember your loved one’s favorite song and sing a line or two to remember it, then light a candle here to honor the memory. [more]


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