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The third harmony

June 17, 2021– In this short film made by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, veteran activists make clear the need for nonviolence on a global scale at this critical stage in human evolution, not only to solve problems in an isolated crisis but as a way of life . that can change the world for all of us. According to Dr. Bernard LaFayette, founder of the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, the challenge for each of us is “how to put love into action in a way that maintains respect for oneself, but elicits respect from others.” . The question is, if love always wins, how do we get there? This film shows how living without violence with love is a journey of learning and transformation in our untapped human potential. “(216 reads)

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To take actionRead an article on nonviolence from this list to find out how to be an “artist with your humanity” in your own life. [more]


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