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The Stillness of the Living Forest

The stillness of the living forest

June 30, 2021– “” I need to get away for a while. “It is a recurring and persistent internal refrain for many of us. John Harvey did just that. And his book, The Stillness of the Living Forest: A Year of Listening and Learning is Not Just a Deep Look to his experience, but, perhaps most importantly, it is a call from the wild to the part in us that yearns to reconnect with something visceral and real; a promise that if we act on that gentle suggestion, all kinds of secrets will be revealed. . ” For fifty-two consecutive weeks, Harvey traveled to the same place in the forest to “sit still, activate my senses, and watch nature flow through the four seasons.” (238 reads)

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To take actionPick a place in your own environment that you can return to on a weekly or monthly basis. Over the course of a year, practice recording your observations in some way.



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