The Ordinary Is Launching a $6 Full-Coverage Concealer and We Tried It First

Last week, my favorite sunglasses broke. I’d picked them up at a flea market in Mexico City — a souvenir from what would be the last trip I took before lockdown. As I stuffed the broken parts into my pocket, I grumbled to myself, “Well, what’d you expect for $8?”

If you know anything about the skin-care brand The Ordinary, you know its philosophy is pretty much the antithesis of that question. The line has an exfoliating treatment beloved by content creators and dermatologists alike and a hyaluronic acid serum so moisturizing, it scored an Allure Best of Beauty Award. They retail for $7.20 and $6.80, respectively.

Now, The Ordinary is applying the same approach makeup by launching a $5.80 cover-up called, simply, Concealer. And we got to try it first.

The Ordinary Concealer is available in 21 shades.

Before we get into the formula, let’s talk shade range. The Concealer is available in 21 shades that mirror that of the brand’s first — and until now, only — color product, foundation. The shade numbers are paired with a letter that speaks to undertones — Y for yellow, P for pink, and R for red, for example. Four Allure editors gave Concealer a try, and all of us easily found a match using this system.

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