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The leadership imperative

August 8, 2021– “Oren Lyons, seventy-six, is a bearer of wisdom, one of the bearers of a variety of human traditions that cannot easily be reduced to a couple of sentences. One of the reasons why he and tradition for which he is a spokesperson are not “The best known is that he does not actively seek forums in which to speak. However, if someone asks you about the principles behind the particular Native American tradition of which you have been appointed caretaker since 1967, you are glad. in order to respond. He chooses his words carefully and every now and then, these days, there is a hint of outrage in his voice, as if time was running short and people generally stubborn in their distraction. “What follows is a powerful conversation between Barry Lopez and Oren Lyons.79 reads)

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To take actionHear Oren Lyons share the story of how he first learned about his relationship with Earth here. [more]



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