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The Importance of a Great Comb

By Jenna Brooks

Whether or not to comb your hair and how frequently you should be doing it, have spun some controversy in the natural hair community. While some say you should come every day, others say every few days, and some say no combing at all, many disagree on the comb’s role in their life. However, a comb can be an absolute saving grace for your hair routine, if you use it properly, bringing your dry hair back to life.

The best comb to use for natural hair is by definition a wooden one, especially considering they are stronger and easier to use than regular plastic ones. They create less static in your hair since they are made out of sandalwood, also meaning they pull out less hair than a traditional comb. A wooden comb can also condition your hair and soothe your scalp, leading to less overall irritation and dryness.

While you don’t necessarily need to comb if you’re going to wear a different style for the day, if you’re just finishing showering and just want to head out without any extra haircare, you should definitely comb through it. Combing isn’t something you should do every day, however, when you do comb your hair you should only do it after a shower, while your hair is still fairly wet. A comb can get rid of your harder tangles and should be used regularly to keep your hair healthy and strong. Combing is vital to preventing matting and tangling in your hair, it’s simple regular maintenance that your hair needs to thrive. If you’re wearing a protective style, though, combing is only necessary every week or so and if you’re scalp is still tender you should hold out even longer. If you haven’t done so, investing in a comb in a great idea for all different types of natural hair, and for women and men of all ages. 

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