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The Frightfully Wondrous Experience of Being Here

The frighteningly wonderful experience of being here

June 23, 2021– Ra Avis did not call herself a writer until she was charged with the crime that would eventually result in 437 days incarceration. In the four years between the indictment and the wives, after a friendly shove from her husband, who is a writer, she started a blog and named it Rarasaur (frighteningly wonderful things happen here). It became a space to write about love, grace and pain, and it won many awards for being kind and persistently hopeful. In May 2015, she wrote a goodbye blog post, alluding for the first time to the case that had followed her for years. She was in jail just a few days later … In May 2016, with only a few months of sentence to serve, Ra’s beloved husband Dave passed away. Today, Ra works with Initiate Justice, a non-profit organization in California that fights to end mass incarceration by activating the power of the people directly impacted by it. People like her … She continues to write about love, grace and pain, and touches the lives of friends and strangers alike with her reality and her radical capacity to care. (11 readings)

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