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The Black Hair Experience From The View of Naomi Fisher

Photography by Pear Simpson 

By Naomi Fisher

Over the weekend I was taken back to my childhood in more ways than one. Reminiscing about being excited to get up for Sunday school with my fresh silk and wrap . The countless stories I would hear from sitting in the beauty salon all day on Saturday with my mother and sisters, and how going to the salon felt like visiting extended family. Thanks to Elizabeth Davis from Cleveland and Alisha Brooks from Kansas City for creating The Black Hair Experience located in Atlanta, Ga and soon to make its way to DC and many other major cities in different states!

The Black Hair Experience is a place where you can go to not only celebrate Black Hair but you and your friends or family members can create great photo oops for Instagram or blogging with each open spaced theme that reflects the process of what Black Women have dealt with their entire lives to maintain beautiful healthy hair. When speaking to Elizabeth I asked her what inspired her and Alisha to create such a cool and creative space, her answer was they wanted a place “where we could come and see ourselves and celebrate our culture!” They were spot on. She also said they wanted to create a space that was “for us and by us” I must say they executed that so well. This was such an incredible experience not only for myself but for my teen daughter that accompanied me and took some amazing photos as well.

Photography by Pear Simpson

I was able to share with her my memories as a child with getting my hair pressed and curled, and how fun it was (yet sometimes draining after being in the shop for hours) to see all of the beautiful Black women from different backgrounds, different beliefs, all shades of brown, with different textures of hair come to the salon and feel safe to release and let go whatever took place before stepping into that door. Seeing their beautiful smiles or sometimes their cries and how each woman could relate to what they were experiencing. It was comforting and teachable!  

The Black Hair Experience won’t be in Atlanta long, so get cute, grab your girls or even your family, purchase your tickets while you can and enjoy this amazing space that was created for us. 

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