The Bask SPF 30 Lotion Is a Body Sunscreen I Want to Reapply | Review

Since I was about 7 years old, my entire body has consistently been slathered in sunscreen for every beach, pool, or park day. Back then, my mom was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (the most common type of skin cancer in the U.S.) the first of a dozen times. Although I knew it was saving me from the pain my mom has suffered, the way white, pasty SPF clung to my skin like a greasy blanket made me cringe every time I put it on. 

Throughout my 29 years, my disdain for the texture of body sunscreen remained — that is until I tried the new Bask SPF 30 Lotion for the first time. 

From the first second a dollop of the SPF hit my skin, I knew my body was in for a completely different sunblock experience. Although the white cream is called a lotion, it doesn’t feel like one. Instead, Bask’s sunscreen is more like a milky serum for the neck down. My skin slurped it up in seconds. And after a couple of minutes, it barely felt like SPF was on my person. The only giveaway that I’m practicing safe sun is the old-school coconut-vanilla scent the product leaves behind. 

Bask’s founder Michael Huffstetler launched the sunscreen with a similar story to mine in mind. After his beloved uncle passed away after battling melanoma, Huffstetler sought to make sun care more accessible in any way he could. First, he started the Skin Protection Foundation, which will start giving out free sunblock to beachgoers in the Northeast this summer. And now, Bask not only provides a safe, effective formula to hand out but also 10 percent of the profits from every purchase of a bottle goes toward the foundation. 

For about a year and a half, Huffstetler worked with a lab to create a sunscreen people actually look forward to reapplying. He even referred to the watery, transparent consistencies of Korean facial sunscreens as the inspiration for Bask’s products. People — like yours truly —  often coat their bodies with the K-beauty import because they prefer the weightless, liquid-like textures of Korean sunscreens.

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