The Baseblue Mini Airsponge Full Coverage Has 5 Uses — or More

I have to admit: I hate cleaning my makeup tools (don’t tell my dermatologist) so I try to use as few tools as possible. Lately, this Baseblue Mini Airsponge Full Coverage makeup sponge has gotten more and more of my attention. While it’s technically a sponge, the tiny teardrop tool feels more like velvet than a bathroom cleaning utensil.

The miniature sponge doubles in size when wet, but I actually start using it dry. The stiff, pointed end is perfect for placing concealer in the tiny crevices around my undereyes. Then, I douse the tool in water before applying a layer of banana powder over the concealer. The soft, bouncy texture gives the powder a diffused finish, not a cakey layer. But the pointed tip allows me to still get precision.

I use the larger, rounded end of the sponge to apply a light layer of liquid foundation. I hate full coverage, and the damp sponge makes the product feel more like a weightless layer than a Jason from Friday the 13th face mask. The best part is that six come in one box, so I can rotate through one a day and just do one washing session at the end of the week. And it gives me versatility. I’ve even used the precision end to apply eyeshadow and highlighter on the go.

You’ll find the Baseblue Mini Airsponge Full Coverage in our January 2020 Allure Beauty Box.


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