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The Art of Baby Hair

From as far back as I can remember my hair wasn’t completely done unless my edges were laid. I remember my mother styling my hair in her signature 10 minute style which consisted of 3 ponytails, clear hair ballies, daisy shaped barrettes, and BABY HAIRS to finish it off.

Now, don’t let it be a weekend and she didn’t feel like combing hair… then I’d get one ponytail but it was always finished off with baby hair. I’d looked up at my mother after and she’d be glaring at me like I was a finished masterpiece… that told me that BABY HAIR really is a art-form and there are pictures and tools to prove it!

But I am curious to understand where the trend began so I did a little digging. I found some pretty cool images and some even cooler products you should check out if slaying your baby hair is your thing.   

We all know that a fresh pair of straight-back french braids is NOTHING without properly laid baby hairs! Can we all just agree that getting your baby hairs to lay correctly is a true art form. But where did the trends start… Some say the style dates back to the 1920’s flapper days, think Josephine Baker. You know what let’s give sis her flowers, have you seen the images! I think it’s safe to say she made it popular and the style is here to stay.

It’s a part of our culture no style is complete without it and you know once we start seeing the others copying we know what it is! I’ll say it here we did it first… as we always do. 

How do you slay your baby hairs? Don’t be shy, we really want to know!

Our team gathered their favorite edge slaying tools and products!

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