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The 17 Best Waterproof Eyeliners of 2021 — Editor Reviews

While summer is a wonderful time for many reasons, we can’t totally sugarcoat the entire season. After all, heat depletes energy and focus and makes us sweat to no end. There’s always way more laundry to do; our hair can’t hold volume or shine to save its life, and — perhaps, worst of all — makeup melts away the second it’s applied. Eyeliner especially has a penchant to crease, smear, and smudge because eyelids are sweaty and oily little buggers.

Alongside your tinted moisturizers, sunscreens, and hydrating lip stains, waterproof eyeliners are an absolute necessity during the summer months. But they’re just as advantageous all year round because we’re not fans of our eye makeup slipping and sliding about, no matter what the weather forecast looks like. Just like waterproof mascaras, there are droves of waterproof eyeliner formulas that can last through it all: dips in the pool, long walks in the sun, or even just a good cry huddled on your couch watching a tear-jerking drama.

We’ve rounded up the best sweat-proof eyeliners from Allure editors and makeup artists alike to help your eye makeup stay looking on-point. Pick any of these 17 waterproof formulas below, and you’ll be guaranteed a virtually indestructible look.

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