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Tex-Mex Restaurant Owner Spends $2,000 of His Own Money to Promote Competitors Who Are Struggling

Business owners looking to get the most out of their advertising spend routinely spend their budgets on media buying. But for a Wisconsin restaurateur, their optimal return on investment came from an entirely different source: promoting competition.

The Mezcal, Adolfo Melendez/Facebook

Adolfo Meléndez, owner of the Tex-Mex El Mezcal restaurant, knows first-hand the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the restaurant industry. Local family-based places like yours have been hit especially hard.

Perhaps that is why you understand better than most that small businesses are not simply a source of income. They are the heart, soul, vision, equity, lives, and livelihood of the people behind them.

People who are your friends and neighbors. People in whom Adolfo Meléndez believes because he is one of them.

To help prevent restaurant shutdowns and closures in her community, Meléndez purchased more than $ 2,000 worth of gift cards for other neighborhood restaurants and has been raffling them off among her customers via Facebook.

Olympia family restaurant owner Pete Ananiadis really appreciates the selfless gesture. “In these times of COVID, it is very important to eat in the small, local, family stores,” he said. WKOW-27 News. “[Aldofo] understand that. “

At its best, the restaurant business can be competitive, but diversity is what gives a community its unique flavor. Adolfo Meléndez appreciates the taste.

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Appreciate your peers. He understands that his success is an affirmation of his own and encourages his community to join his efforts to ensure that other restaurants continue to not only defend themselves but also prosper.

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“That’s part of what keeps us alive,” he told WKOW. “You can go to Applebee’s, or you can go to Pizza Hut, but it’s not the same as when you go to this little restaurant or pizzeria… If you help one person and another person helps another, that will help a lot. “

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