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Teen Raised $38,000 By Cutting Off His 19-inch Afro – And Gave the Money to Help Kids With Cancer

Kieran Moïse

When you are best known for having great hair, cutting it can be considered the ultimate sacrifice, but a generous young man recently turned cutting his legendary locks into an opportunity to improve the lives of others.

Kieran Moïse’s impressive afro, which he had been cultivating and nurturing since childhood, surrounded his head like a halo. At 17, he was ready to enroll in the United States Air Force Academy, and that, of course, would mean a haircut.

Rather than mourn the loss, Kieran decided to turn the rite of passage into a charity event benefiting two causes with which he feels a deep connection: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Michigan-based Children With Hair Loss, a Non-profit organization that provides human hair. Free wigs for children and young adults suffering from medical hair loss.

“I have grown my hair for many years with the goal of donating it to charities. Now that it’s time to shave, I’d like to raise $ 1,000 per inch for St. Jude Hospital, ”he explained. on your fundraising page, which was released on May 29.

“My hair is 19 inches long and that $ 19,000 will go a long way in helping families cope with cancer. One of my good friends in high school died of cancer and I know that St. Jude’s really helped his family. This is just one way I feel like I can give back. It will also help make some really good wigs for kids! Please make a donation and help me reach my goal! “

Kieran’s parents, Patrick and Kelly Moïse, have chronicled their son’s amazing growth throughout his life and understand how much cutting him meant to him.

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“My son has always had a big heart. I was determined that if he was going to have to cut his hair anyway, then he should pay for it in a way that would help as many people as possible, “Kelly told the newspaper. Washington Post.

During an event held at a Huntsville, Alabama location, the Kieran Brewery underwent shearing in front of a crowd of nearly 100 enthusiastic fans. Her long tresses were sent to the Michigan charity and to date, she has raised more than $ 39,000 to support cancer research at St. Jude.

It’s an impressive sum, to be sure, but more than anything, Kieran hopes his “shaving grace” will encourage others to find ways to offer help and hope to those in need.

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“[Kieran] he wants people to know that if he can donate his hair, anyone can, “Kelly told WaPo. “Hope everyone dares to go out and do their own little act of kindness.”

How is that cutting inspiration?

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