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Tea, ink, mystery of life

June 6, 2021– “In the middle of the hectic streets of San Francisco,
an old man, a reassuring little black dot on a rapidly moving wave, glimpses momentarily in the streets and then reappears translucent through the glass. It is only visible to those who take the time to see it. What is unique about man is his fascinating slowness. Silent crescendo,
Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee for The Global Oneness Project, it is a meditative and intimate portrait of former Yugoslav émigré artist Slobodan Dan Paich. Follow your daily ritual of creating simple drawings with tea and ink,
that transcends the creation of art. “(32 readings)

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To take actionIs there a practice in your life that puts you in touch with an inner intelligence? For more inspiration, check out this interview with Slobodan Dan Paich. [more]


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