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Tapping into the Wisdom of the Gut

Harnessing the wisdom of the gut

May 12, 2021– “Although I have had a holistic view of life for a long time, my scientific career has finally brought me to the starting point, from a reductionist approach to the biology of the brain-gut interactions necessary to be successful in my career. as a neuroscientist, back to the concept of the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, and the microbiome, with diet and mind playing a key role in these connections. To understand their complexity and identify a way out of our current crisis, this concept comes with a requirement for an ecological and systemic view of food, health and the environment. A conversation is constantly unfolding within us, influenced by our thoughts and emotions, our lifestyle and the foods we we eat; the exchange between these factors occurs as a circular process in which the brain influences intestinal microbial signals q They then feed back to the brain and body. ” Emeran A. Mayer, scientist, physician and author of ‘The Mind-Gut Connection’, shares more. (9 readings)

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