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Talented Artist Creates Realistic Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to commemorate your love for the furry baby in your life. They are a timeless gift that you can cherish for a lifetime, even if your pet is no longer with you. Also, looking at a portrait of your beloved pet can lift your spirits on tough days.

Some works of art look so real that they seem to come off the canvas. This perfectly describes Lucy Colegate’s pet portraits, as the details and shading in her work bring the art to life. He takes pride in the masterpieces he creates and loves to share his art with others.

“Knowing what an animal can mean to you and being able to give someone a portrait that they can treasure forever, that reminds them of happy times, is incredible.”

Meet the talented pet portrait painter

Lucy, a pencil portrait painter and tutor living in the UK, creates realistic drawings for proud pet owners. He started drawing at 12 when he was diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The disease drained her completely and even affected her relationships and upbringing. The 12-year-old former athlete went from racing bikes to bedridden.

“I had to adapt to that so quickly and needed something to do. So I thought, ‘Okay, well, you like pencils, you like to draw once in a while, so let’s try this.’ So, I learned from YouTube myself. “

He watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials and studied the styles of various artists. You also learned what materials you would need by watching the videos. After gathering the necessary supplies, he went to work drawing portraits of pets. Since then, she has perfected her craft and become even more passionate about drawing animals for people.

Lucy turned her passion for creating pet portraits into a thriving career.

“At a time when everything was so uncertain for me, everything seemed to go downhill, and the drawing was the only thing that I noticed a rapid improvement in,” said Lucy. “I was asked by family and friends if I would draw their dogs and pets, so I started selling commissioned work when I was 13.”

Later posting your work onlinepeople from all over the world contacted her for portraits. He drew horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other animals for them. Since then, he has created thousands of pet portraits for clients around the world.

“This is how I really fell in love with drawing animals and as time goes on I can’t imagine drawing anything else. I think my absolute favorite part of the drawing process is probably halfway there. I’m going to go completely offline and just look at exactly what I see, all the different shapes, colors, the reference image, and just focus on recreating that on paper. “

Lucy’s eye for detail helps her recreate a near-perfect drawing of the animals. On his website, he even turned some of his pieces into greeting cards and prints. He also runs a tutoring business to teach others how to create their own masterpieces.

Why Lucy loves creating this piece of art

She says on her site: “There is nothing I like more than passing my skills on to other aspiring artists and being able to continue producing my own commissioned work.”

Lucy’s helped children as young as five to dramatically improve their drawing skills. He teaches them to shade, blend and color, planning lessons around their individual interests. While he loves to highlight the artist in others, he still loves creating his own art. He loves to see the delight on his customers’ faces when they receive his full pet portraits.

“So another part of the creative process that excites me the most has to be delivering the portrait or sending it in once it’s finished. When I can sit back and enjoy the piece as it is, that’s one of my favorite parts. It is the most rewarding. “

Turn a photo into a work of art

Lucy has a certain process to transform a photograph into a portrait of a pet. First ask customers to submit a high resolution photograph of their pet in natural light, up close and in focus. Once the client chooses the size of the portrait they would like, Lucy gets down to business. She draws everything in a traditional style on a white background, but will customize the portrait upon request.

Create all your portraits with Prismacolor Premiere, Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran D`ache Luminance colored pencils. These allow you to draw in very fine detail and create a truly authentic image of each pet. Customers can choose black and white or color drawings. Throughout the process, you send updates to your clients so they can monitor progress or request changes.

Being able to turn your passion and hobby into a viable career it’s a dream come true for Lucy. We can’t wait to see where life will take her next!

Final thoughts: the artist’s pet portraits are surprisingly realistic

Lucy Colegate, a pet portrait painter and drawing tutor from the UK, creates finely detailed animal masterpieces. Draw birds, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. She also draws houses that look as real as she is. animal portraits. Her talent has taken her far and wide, with people from all over the world asking for a drawing.

She is delighted that she has built a career for herself out of something she loves. Lucy has honed her skills over the years and continues to set the bar higher.

“Art, especially drawing, has always been a great passion for me. Since 2012 I practice drawing almost every day. Seeing my skills improve was my biggest motivation: showing myself what can be achieved with hard work, ”Lucy says on her site.

“When I was 12 years old, I dreamed that this could become a job for me. I dreamed that maybe I could draw all the time, and the fact that it has now become my reality 8 years later is just mind blowing to me. “

If you are interested in getting your own pet portrait, please visit his page here.

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