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Check it out shopping buddies we are proud to present some really awesome items. There are a few items in Manduka worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the list as quick as possible!

The first item on the list
Go Move Mat Carrier 😈

Carry your yoga mat with ease and control. The GO Move mat carrier is designed to carry yoga mats of any size, in a simple hands-free design.
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The 2nd product on the list for today is GRP® Lite Hot Yoga Mat 4mm.

Light-weight meets heavy-duty in our all new GRP® Lite hot yoga mat. Delivering the same traction and charcoal-infused rubber core technology as our original GRP®, this travel friendly version is guaranteed to stay dry and help you keep your grip through even the sweatiest yoga classes.

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The 3rd item on the list for today is Presence Short.

Perfect mid-thigh length shorts with maximum moisture management and cooling features. Best for hot yoga or a sweaty workout. Same fit as our Presence Legging.
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Next we have Evolve Legging!

A hybrid between the PRO Knit and Performance Knit that offers medium compression, a cool-hand, and lightweight second-skin feel.

Ideal for any practice or workout.

Most lightweight, second-skin sensation performance fabric in the line. Quick dry, moisture wicking, with buttery soft hand-feel for extra comfort. Minimalist design details means less seams digging into skin and does not restrict your flow.

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For our next item up we have GRP® Adapt Yoga Mat 5mm!

Manduka’s grippiest mat, the GRP Adapt. Versatile enough to go from slower flows to your sweatiest sessions, more forgiving to help you get into poses easier, and light enough to travel from place to place. Meet your new go-to. Learn More

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