Beaute Nouveau has new products!

This afternoon we glad to share with you some really neat products. There are several items in Beaute Nouveau worth featuring today, so let us get started ASAP!

Number 1 today is…
Coconut Matcha Mask – NEW!

Coconut Matcha Mask for Radiance is a Brightening Facial Treatment. Milk proteins nourish. Matcha and Raspberry stimulates circulation. Rice and Lemon gently exfoliate. 

What’s changed?  This mask is NEW!


White Kaolin clay, Rice powder, Matcha powder, Coconut Milk powder, Raspberry Leaf

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The second product on the list for today is Natural Wool Sea Sponge!

Our Natural Wool Sea Sponges are 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and the best way to lather yourself up with your favorite bar soap or body wash and add a little gentle exfoliation. 

Sea Sponges can be used daily in the bath or shower on face and body to cleanse and exfoliate your body and also to gently remove facial masks.  

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The third item on our list today is Sisal Bath Glove.

Our Sisal Bath Glove is hand made from 100% natural sisal fiber. Sisal is an all-natural, renewable fiber that comes from a plant from the agave family. Use a Sisal bath glove with your favorite bar soap or body wash to smooth and exfoliate, rough, dry skin.

Gently buff your Sisal Bath Glove onto your favorite bar soap and buff all over body to cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulate circulation.   Hang Glove to dry.  Wash in washing machine with towels regularly.

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Next we have Ash Soap Dish 😛

Our Ash Soap Dishes are made from New England Ash wood and are perfect for resting your soap bars.  The wood absorbs the extra moisture from the soap, preventing the soap from getting go-ey on the bottom.  Use by the sink or in the shower. 

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The 5th product on the list today is Cedar Nail Brush!

Our Cedar Nail Brush is the perfect accessory for every sink side.  Gently polish fingertips and clean under nail beds with soft natural fibers.  Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in your hand.  

Gently buffing nails and cuticles as part of regular self-care keeps fingertips exfoliated and helps support nail health.  Rub Nail Brush onto your soap bar, add some water, and buff nails. Rinse. Hang brush to dry.  

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