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Students on Immigration and Unjust Assumptions

Students on immigration and unfair assumptions

July 22, 2021– The treatment of immigrants and immigration policies in the United States are hot topics. These policies, which are often seen as illegal and dehumanizing, are driving people across the country to speak out for change. Requested by YES! The magazine’s student writing contest and Lornet Turnbull’s article “Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the” Constitution Free Zone, “Eight Powerful Young Voices Join This Chorus to Speak Out Against Immigration Practices within the nation. His raw and personal experiences with racism and fear remind us of the sobering realities that exist in our world. The strength in his words reveals the impact each individual is capable of, and reminds us of the power each has to make a difference.13904 reads)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, tune in to This Week’s Awakin Call with Immigration Attorney Sheela Murthy, “Serving the Stranger: Extending Hospitality Even in Inhospitable Times.” More details and RSVP information here. [more]



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