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Student Almost Misses Graduation Until a Teacher Helps Him Out

High school graduation marks a great turning point in a young man’s life. From that moment on, you can create your own path. You have endless possibilities in front of you and there is no limit to what you can achieve. It is a transition from childhood to adulthood and you will remember that moment forever.

Many people consider graduation one of the most important days of their life. Daverius Peters, a senior at Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana, had been looking forward to this special day for a while. However, when he arrived at the graduation ceremony on May 19, a representative from the school turned him down.

The 18-year-old was wearing the required cap and gown. He had also followed the other guidelines, which said that male students should wear a white dress shirt and tie, along with dark dress pants. However, the woman at the convention center’s front door told her that her shoes violated the dress code. She said that unless she changed her shoes, she would not be able to attend graduation. ceremony.

The school’s graduation dress code states that men must wear dark dress shoes. He also emphasized not wearing sports shoes, as they would not be allowed. That day, Peters wore black leather sneakers with white soles. They weren’t classic dress shoes, but Peters thought he could wear them since they were black.

So when the school representative denied him entry, he went into a state of shock. Peters was also humiliated as he imagined what his parents would think if he couldn’t attend his own graduation. He just wanted to cross the stage and get the diploma he had worked so hard for.

With just a few minutes left for the ceremony to begin, he felt desperate. He didn’t have time to stop at a store to buy new shoes. As he anxiously walked out of the convention center, he saw a glimmer of hope. He had noticed a familiar face, that of paraeducator John Butler.

Peters almost missed his graduation until the friendly staff member came to his rescue.

Butler helps mentor high school students, and many students look up to him. Butler always did what he could to help the students. She had a daughter who was graduating with Peters, so she attended the graduation ceremony as a father that day. Then Peters ran up to him and explained his problem with the shoes.

After telling the story, Butler couldn’t believe it. She had been working at the school for two years and knew the dress code well. However, he didn’t see anything eccentric about Peters’s shoes.

Butler decided to speak to the woman who had denied the young man entry. Maybe if she saw him with Peters, she would change her mind. However, he stood firm in his decision and did not allow Peters to enter due to his shoes. With only a few minutes to spare, he didn’t have time to argue with her.

Then, without thinking twice, Butler took off his shoes and handed them to Peters. He saw no other options at the time, and for him, “it was a no-brainer.” He wasn’t going to let the future high school graduate miss this crucial moment in his life.

It seemed that everything would be fine now, except for a small mishap. Peters was wearing a size 9 and Butler was wearing a size 11. However, Peters did not let the difference in size affect him. He slipped on Butler’s tan loafers and excitedly walked through the doors just before they closed.

Butler then took a seat with only socks on his feet, ignoring the confused stares from the others. He was just happy that Peters was able to receive his diploma. For him, temporarily giving up his shoes was a small price to pay.

Peters glided across the stage, proudly receiving his high school diploma.

Peters heard her name, but couldn’t walk in the oversized shoes. So, he improvised and glided across the stage to receive his diploma. Peters’s family along with the rest of the audience noted his odd choice of footwear.

Jima Smith, Peters’ mother, asked the rest of the family what shoes her son was wearing. They had no idea where the shoes came from and why he wasn’t wearing the black sneakers. Then they looked and noticed that Butler had no shoes. However, they didn’t put two and two together at the time.

Smith’s other son pointed at Butler’s bare feet, unaware that he had given the shoes to his younger brother. Immediately after the ceremony, Daverius found the kind mentor who had loaned him the shoes so that he could graduate. He returned the loafers and expressed his gratitude for the disinterested gesture.

However, Mr. Butler’s friendliness did not surprise him. He said that he is simply “that kind of person”. When a student is having a bad day, Butler calls him out of class to speak with him personally. You don’t want anyone to feel like they have to go through things alone.

So, thanks to Butler, it all worked out in Peters’ favor in the end. However, Butler says the incident highlighted the school’s need to alter the dress code. He believes that something that the minor should not prohibit a student from attending his own graduation. Plan to meet with the school board to discuss adjust guidelines for future ceremonies.

Stevie Crovetto, director of public information for Hahnville High School, spoke about the incident. She says school administrators will review current policies and make improvements where needed. He added that Mr. Butler’s kindness did not surprise anyone at school, as he is always willing to help.

Peter’s parents were upset, but grateful for Mr. Butler.

After Peters’ parents found out, they were outraged. Due to the pandemic, Peters had to learn virtually for much of the year. He had had a difficult last year and had worked very hard to earn his diploma. His parents couldn’t believe that something as insignificant as his shoes could have prevented him from graduating.

Peters’ mother said her son really believed his footwear followed the dress code. However, he added that it wasn’t just about him. Perhaps other parents couldn’t afford to buy new dress shoes; Should your children also be denied entry?

Smith plans to meet with the school board to discuss the matter. She hopes that, in the future, the incident will not happen to other students.

In an interview with The Washington Post, said: “If it weren’t for Mr. Butler’s kind and thoughtful act, my son would have been sitting outside and I wouldn’t have known it. I pray that he continues to work in the public school system because we need more teachers like him. Our young black men need good role models and mentors like Mr. Butler. “

Mr. Butler humbly said that he simply did what he felt was right and did not attach much importance to it. However, Peters’ family was impressed by the last-minute shoe swap.

“He gave the shoes of his own feet to my son,” Smith said. “That says a lot about the kind of man he is.”

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