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Spend 3 Weeks at a Luxury Hotel as Their Photographer Chasing Northern Lights

Kristján Pétur Vilhelmsson / Hotel Rangá

A hotel in Iceland asks all photographers for a three-week paid vacation to capture images of this year’s Northern Lights, as if that work needed a reward.

The luxurious Hotel Rangá, seeking a professional ‘light catcher’, is hosting open requests for any experienced and trained photographer to stay at its location on the south coast of Iceland, and at its sister hotel in the extremely remote central region for three weeks between late September early October.

To apply, photographers must complete an application (which as of this writing is still working and receiving submissions). Applicants must describe social media and online presence, vaccination status, ability to travel, and other optional questions.

“In exchange for providing Northern Lights content at the hotel, this seasonal employee will receive free room and board, plus access to the hotel’s stargazing observatory and hot tubs, not to mention the opportunity to explore the photogenic land of fire and the ice. on their days off, ”the website writes.

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An established portfolio will do any perspective light grabber good, such as in an email correspondence with GNN, the hotel revealed that they had already received 2,000 applicants from 40 countries. But that’s no reason to despair, as they won’t select the right candidate until the end of August.

The Rangá hotel has retractable roofs, professional telescopes, high windproof walls for visiting stargazers and astronomers to review the facts of the stars and auroras with guests.

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They also have a history of offering cool incentives. During the last leap year, they offered 700 women free stays if He proposed to his partner on leap day.

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