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Slick Woods Isn’t Talking About Her Cancer Diagnosis — She’s Talking About Living | Interview

Woods is easy to talk to. But one thing she doesn’t want to talk about? The skin cancer she was diagnosed with after her dentist noticed suspicious spots in her mouth during a routine appointment. The 24-year-old melanoma survivor likens it to asking someone about a scab. “You wouldn’t ask somebody, ‘how’s your scab doing?’ You know what I’m saying?” Fair enough. So, I say, “Let’s talk about life, then.”

That’s a subject more in her wheelhouse. “I’m just trying to live the best of my years. I’m here for now — I’m here until I’m not, and that’s it.” And while she’s here, Woods is focused mostly on her two-year-old son, Saphir. “Sometimes, I catch myself treating my son like he’s a homie,” she says, smiling. But of course, her mom instincts take over. “When I see him, I [hug] him up. Munch on his little cheeks.” She hugs the air to demonstrate.  

Two years after being diagnosed with Stage III melanoma, Woods is putting stock in her family, friends, and her work (which includes research on how to develop a CBD brand of her own). She’s decided to stop chemo and look to the healing powers of cannabis, at least until she can figure out alternative treatment. To Woods, “It’s part of life, you just accept that,” she says. “You battle it. Chemo is a bitch. I just opted out.” And make no mistake — she’s comfortable with her decision. 

But Woods always had a penchant for pot. She recently made an appearance for Jay Z’s luxury cannabis brand, Monogram Company, and the way she talks about rolling a blunt, you can tell she’s an old pro. But besides those herbal remedies, Woods takes care of herself by focusing on the people who are important to her in life. She grounds herself by spending time with her son and being with her friends and chosen family. “I’m very well endowed when it comes to friendship. I’m engulfed in loyalty. I try to just keep that same energy with everybody,” she shares.

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