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Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream Keeps My Sensitive Skin Happy | Review

I have sensitive skin that can become red or dry at the drop of a hat, so I rely on gentle cleansers, like this creamy, moisturizing one, Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream. It strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier with essential fatty acids, and the second I pop open the lid, a sweet yet earthy scent (with hints of almond oil) transports me to the sunny Italian countryside where this brand’s products are made. The cream lathers into a thick, slightly soapy consistency – the second I start rubbing it around, I almost start to feel like I’m getting a fancy facial. It’s rich, so I use only a pea-size amount morning and night. I always take at least a full minute to lather it, paying extra attention to my most oil-prone spots, for clean, hydrated, happy skin — far beyond my expectations for a cleanser, because of my picky skin.

You’ll find Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream in the June 2021 Allure Beauty Box.

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