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See the Stunning Winners for 2021

The winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2021 have been unveiled and they are truly impressive.

Founded in 2007, IPPAWARDS has been celebrating the creativity of iPhone photographers since the phone began to inspire, excite, and engage users around the world.

Every year since then, the best shots are chosen from thousands of images submitted.

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Congratulations to all the winners and their astute observations, sometimes poignant and subtle, sometimes witty and surprising… always insightful. Here are GNN favorites from 2021.

1. Portrait of a Snowy Girl in Ohio

Krysten Crabtree /IPPAWARDS

2. The magic of the Northern Lights in Russia

Tatiana Merzlyakova /IPPAWARDS

3. Enhance the positives in Australia

Christian Horgan /IPPAWARDS

4. Sidewalk in the air in Los Angeles

Jeff Rayner /IPPAWARDS

5. A lizard in the Netherlands

Laila Bakker /IPPAWARDS

6. New clothes for the Pole in China

Song of Zerry /IPPAWARDS

7. A blue summer in Australia

Christian Horgan /IPPAWARDS

8. Giant arrivals to China


9. Make a dip in Greece

Iakovos Draculis /IPPAWARDS

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