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Sagittarius Horoscope June 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

The stars are busy on Sunday, June 20. Put some flowers in your pretty hair, because it’s the Summer Solstice. This is not only the longest day of the year but a witchy holiday that celebrates the power of the sun and tends to involve dancing. If your friends are vaccinated and down to party safely, consider throwing a small get-together to celebrate the occasion. You always throw the best parties, Sag. This date also marks the start of loyal Cancer season, giving you another reason to invite your ride-or-dies over. You can also celebrate outside to truly make the most of the special day. 

Your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, also begins its retrograde on Sunday, June 20 in Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family. Because you are ruled by Jupiter, this retrograde will affect you more than others. Sometimes it feels like good things just happen to you, Sag, but while this planet is retrograde, life will look a little differently. You’ll see big changes around where you live, and who you live with (you may move in with a partner or into a new home during this time) but it will happen through hard work and communication. When Jupiter ends its retrograde later in the year on Sunday, October 17 in Aquarius and your 3rd House of Communication, you’ll realize that you’re not just lucky, you’re good at asking for what you want. Never stop advocating for yourself. 

Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, June 22, allowing communication to flow easier. This should also help get any exes out of your head. Then, Thursday, June 24 brings a bright full moon in hardworking Capricorn that illuminates your 2nd House of Possessions. Full moons are powerful times of manifestation, so expect to hear good news regarding a professional project dear to your heart. 

Dreamy Neptune also goes retrograde in Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family from Friday, June 25 to Wednesday, December 1. These months may be a bit of a tumultuous time for you, strong Sagittarius, because each planet that travels through your sign during this retrograde, will form a harsh aspect to Neptune. However, your creativity will likely remain unbridled, so focus on creating your next masterpiece. One thing to watch out for, though: Neptune retrograde strips us of illusions, and because it occurs in the home sector of your chart, prepare for something like a roommate to show their true colors, or have to renegotiate rent. 

Busy June wraps up with lover planet Venus making more moves, this time moving into bold Leo and your 9th House of Philosophy on Sunday, June 27. If you followed the cosmic advice earlier in the month to stop ruminating over past relationships, this transit indicates that a life-changing romance could be knocking at your door. Open it, adventurous Sag! See you in July. 

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