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Sacred Land, Sacred Soul

July 14, 2021– “We know things in the core of our being that we have not necessarily been taught. And some of this deep knowledge may actually be at odds with what our culture, religion or nation has tried to teach us. This book is about awakening to what we know in the depths of our being, that the earth is sacred, and that this sacred character is in the heart of every human being and way of life. To awaken again to this deep knowledge is to be transformed in the ways that we choose . live and relate and act “. John Philip Newell is a modern Celtic bard and spiritual teacher in the prophetic tradition who communicates across the borders of religion and race, following in the footsteps of other “wandering” teachers of the Celtic diaspora scattered throughout the centuries. . What follows is an excerpt from his new book, “Sacred Land, Sacred Soul.” (14 readings)

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To take actionJoin this Saturday’s Awakin Call with John Philip Newell: collecting and sowing seeds forgotten for our time. More details and RSVP information here. [more]


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