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Ryan Reynolds and ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Star Buy a Bad English Football Team to Turn it Around – Now an FX Documentary


What’s better than two cute, excitable, and selfish men who face perhaps too much money to get into a business venture they know nothing about?

As Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney embark on their new journey as owners of an English football club, someone clearly thought the same, and now it’s the focus of a new FX documentary. But first a backstory.

Josh St. Clair, writing for men’s health, documents the exchange that launched this bizarre adventure, with direct messages exchanged between the stars on Instagram for months without their knowing each other.

“The friends in the text message were wondering if they should buy a European football club. Then Reynolds and McElhenney went ahead and bought a European soccer club. What do you know about managing a football club? Reynolds: “We don’t know anything about running a football club.” They have not met yet. The football season is currently more than halfway there ”.

Despite being in the fifth tier of the English Football League, Wrexham AFC in Wales has a proud football history. Founded in the mid-1800s, the ‘Red Dragons’ are one of the oldest clubs in the country and have produced several prodigious players, including the Hall of Fame forward, Welsh icon and five-time title winner with Liverpool. , Ian Rush.

For American readers, the only comparable example is that Wrexham AFC would be playing one-A baseball, but one step below that actually. With an 8-tier pyramid, the top occupied by players like Liverpool and Manchester United, the lower tiers 6, 7, and 8 could be occupied by official football squads of military units or community-led initiatives literally training in backyards. .

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It would be a great test for the newly formed ‘RR McReynolds Company LLC’ to turn the ship around Wrexham, but far from being led by Deadpool and Mac from It’s always sunny in Philly, Reynolds and McElhenny are taking the project very seriously.

From farce to football

Having recorded around $ 1.1 million (£ 740,000) in losses for the 2019/20 season, and with the main grandstand in their stadium declared unsafe, the club was on a bad track at the start of the 2020 / COVID season. twenty-one. Since fans were unable to attend games, the main income methods for soccer teams in the lower leagues disappeared.

Reynolds and McElhenney, who will be referred to by their business nickname, “McReynolds,” set to work with ambitious plans. starting with the decision Failure to renew the contract of the first team squad and coach Dean Keates. Keates missed the playoffs this season, a simple elimination that determines which clubs are “promoted” to the next highest division.

“We are committed to returning the club to the EFL (English Football League, also known as the four major divisions) as soon as possible and we believe that a change of manager will provide us with the best chance of achieving that goal,” stated the owners. It sounds much more like real owners than Yankees who ignore the concept of “points” and “promotions.”

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In an era of the ‘Beautiful Game’ where each season features rumors of a massive takeover of a club by China or Saudi Arabia somewhere in Europe, local Wrexham AFC fans must have been surprised that the Hollywood duo were taking control of his club, but delighted to know that $ 2 million will be invested as a means of getting the club back into the EFL.

The $ 2 million will go towards remodeling its 5,000-seat main booth at its local Racecourse Ground, developing a new 22-acre training facility, and recruiting players needed to challenge for the promotion.

Amid remarks, McReynolds appointed Les Reed, a former head coach of the English Football Association, as football strategy and operations advisor.

“We have hired Les Reed as an advisor to create a football strategy for the club that will deliver the sustainable model we are committed to creating”, McReynolds it said in a statement. “Finding a new manager / head coach is a critical part of the strategy and is our immediate priority.”

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The couple then hired a trio of Wrexham Supporter’s Trust members as vice presidents, to ensure that the decisions made reflect fan preferences and to create a strong bond with the community.

“Resources, both physical and human, will be provided wherever possible to help achieve our goal of achieving promotion as quickly as possible,” they said.

“Our goal is to grow the team, bring it back to the EFL in the face of increased attendance at an improved stadium, while also making a positive difference to the wider community at Wrexham.

The new documentary “Welcome to Wrexham” has no current release date.

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