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Rising from the fire

August 10, 2021– “How can we reconcile the immensely destructive force of fire with its equally limitless creative potential? Forest managers light intentional flames to clear excess growth and start the cycle of life anew. A fireplace becomes a hearth that offers warmth , light and survival for the residents of the houses. And fiery volcanic activity can destroy what stands in its way and at the same time create a new earth in a matter of hours and days that becomes highly fertile soil in thousands or millions of years. The element of fire – and its life – giving results in the form of heat and light, represents both a powerful metaphor and an undeniable fact of organic and spiritual transformation. Evelyn Underhill, in her classic book Mysticism, unequivocally states “No there is transmutation without fire “. And ‘Here, as everywhere … the self must lose to find and die to live'”. (163 reads)

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To take actionWhat are some of the experiences of fire, literal or metaphorical in your own life? Take a moment to reflect on how they have transformed you. Ask someone in your community about their own crucial “fire tested” experiences.


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