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Rihanna Wears Flame-Shaped French Tip Manicure in First Selfie Since 2020 — See Photo

As Jay-Z once said back in 2008, “Rihanna, where you at?” but we mean it in the nicest way possible. The singer-songwriter and founder of Fenty Beauty hasn’t been giving her fans much direct face time lately. She recently to took to Instagram to show us her pixie cut, but otherwise, she hasn’t really been posting the selfie content her Navy craves. In fact, based on our count, it’s been a year and a half, which is too long a time for her fans (including us). But when you’re one of the world’s most renowned musicians and running a beloved beauty brand and running a lingerie line all at once, it can be hard to squeeze in some selfie time.

On Wednesday, July 28, RiRi came back from her nearly two-year selfie hiatus and blessed her fans with a new selfie via Instagram. In the photo, she gives a slight nod to the camera while decked out in a black hat and T-shirt with long, tousled hair, sunglasses, and some gold necklaces. She looks absolutely stunning here as always, but in our opinion, her nails are what’s stealing the show. 

A close look at her manicure reveals that her red French tips bear a similar resemblance to flames, which coordinate perfectly with the red flames on the letters of her shirt. She didn’t tag a nail artist, but whoever painted her tips to perfection crushed it. Kudos to you, whoever you are.

When you’re wearing a shirt that has the phrase, “bitch mob,” printed on it (and giving a shoutout to the Real Housewives), it’s only natural to take a selfie that brings out your most confident self, and RiRi delivered nothing short of that. Celebrity beauty looks usually don’t last very long, but for our sake, RiRi, can you let these nails last a while? We want the close-ups, stat.

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