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Restaurant Makes Special Chocolate For Blind Customer With Birthday Message in Braille

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There can be a thousand ways to say “Happy Birthday!” But the sweetest of all may be a special chocolate message that was recently served by incredibly attentive restaurant staff.

Creating birthmarks in warm liquid cocoa was nothing new at London’s Luciano by Gino D’Acampo restaurant, but for totally blind birthday girl Natalie Te Paa, best wishes were expressed in Braille.

What gave the message even greater significance was that there was no pre-planning involved. When the restaurant team learned that the dinner Te Paa shared with her friend Claire Sara was a birthday celebration, they took it upon themselves to find and recreate the Braille translation that summed up her best wishes in chilled chocolate.

Te Paa could hardly believe her fingertips as she traced the raised pastry dots.

“My mind went blank for a second and then I thought, ‘Is this in Braille?'” Ta Paa said. TODAY. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It was wild. They really went the extra mile. “

Sara, the dinner partner, recorded Te Paa’s delighted reaction to what had become a very different kind of surprise party and posted the jubilant images on TikTok.


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While the restaurant’s manager, Giovanni Galluccio, maintains that the impromptu gesture was simply part of the customer service they strive to provide to all of their customers, registering nearly 16 million visits to date, the internet judged the extraordinary act of kindness. as something special.

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As Te Paa said TODAY, “The fact that people have responded so much and so well shows how much the world needs kindness right now, how much the world needs a message of hope, it needs to see people doing things and overcoming and beyond. one for each other “.

“So cheer up despite how shattered the world is right now,” says the legend of the viral video, “true good still exists.”

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To paraphrase M & M’s iconic motto, that’s a message that is sure to “melt in your hearts, not your hands.”

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