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Rescued Pit Bull Gets His Own Adorable Kitten

A rescued pit bull named Bubba got his own rescue animal, a kitten named Rue. Not many pets can have a pet for themselves, but Bubba’s owner, Becca, knew she could handle it. Looking at him on social media, the two have a close bond, enjoy cuddling and playing together.

Despite the aggressive reputation of Pit Bulls, they are actually some of the most affectionate and friendly dogs you’ll ever come across. That has also been Becca’s experience with them because Bubba has always cared for his little sister.

“Like she knew he would be okay with her,” says Becca. “I knew that he would never be aggressive towards her; she was the size of my palm. “

Dogs have great intuition and can sense when a baby or a smaller animal is around. They act kinder and more protective of these fragile creatures as their instincts take over. Many people have preconceived notions about a rescued pit bull, as they often come from a traumatic background. However, with a loving home and the proper training, pit bulls will easily come out of their shell.

Becca says it has been a blessing to have Bubba around as he is a very calm and laid back dog. She is about to turn eleven in December, while February marks Rue’s fifth birthday. Becca rescued Bubba when he was just three months old during his sophomore year of college. Now she can’t imagine her life without him.

The rescued pit bull got his own kitten, Rue.

Here’s how he describes it on his website: “Bubba has been the most personable guy since the day I bought him. He may be the best dog you have ever met. He has grown up with puppies, kittens, large dogs, small dogs, cats, etc., making him the best role model for little ones. He has lived with 3 puppies throughout his life (roommates at the time), so he is used to playing softly and teaching the little ones the ropes. He is exactly the same as Rue and always has been! “

She also rescued Rue, from across the country in Brooklyn, New York. He wanted a kitten for the rescued pit bull because he thought an adult cat might have a harder time adjusting. It may seem counterintuitive, since kittens are so small, but they don’t have their ways like cats. If the kitten grows up with a large dog from the beginning, it will not seem strange to him.

Here’s Rue’s story, also from the website:

“Rue is also the biggest (or smallest) bunny to snuggle with. When I first brought her home, she was incredibly small; it was like having a baby around. You couldn’t take your eyes off her, so it was helpful that Bubba was around to help. If I went somewhere, he would always follow me (he has always been a mother’s son).

“So when we added little Rue to the family, I’d say, ‘go see your sister,’ and he turns around and looks where she is. If Rue wasn’t snuggling with Bubba (99% of the time she was), she would come and lie on my chest because the sound of my heartbeat reminded her of her biological mom. Kittens are the best.

“She follows Bubba everywhere and she never got past her crazy little girl stage. He runs like a walnut, jumps like a bunny and is clumsy. She is also incredibly loving. She gives so many kisses. It’s amazing. She always purrs and makes cookies. I don’t know how I got so lucky with two perfect munchkins. “
If you are not familiar with the term, “making cookies” refers to the kneading motion that cats make with their front paws. They do it when they feel comfortable with you and as a show of affection. It’s quite adorable to look at, and it’s like getting a free massage from your kitty!

Becca is very lucky to have both of her hairballs in her life. She says they are everything to her and are still the priority in her life. For anyone considering fostering or adopting, she says go for it! Hopefully, you’ll be as lucky as her in the pet department.

Interesting facts about the pitbull

Sadly, many pit bulls end up in shelters or on the streets because they get a bad rap. However, a rescued pit bull can make a wonderful pet, just like any other dog! It all depends on the love and attention you give your pet.

With that said, here are some little-known facts about this beloved dog:

  1. Despite what most people think, the pit bull is not a real breed of dog. The pit bull refers to many breeds, such as the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and other mixed breeds.
  2. In the 20th century, people referred to pit bulls as “babysitting dogs.” Parents used to leave their children with pit bulls because they knew these dogs would keep an eye on them. So if someone says pit bulls are dangerous, share this fact with them!
  3. When they first appeared, pit bulls helped herd livestock and became wonderful family pets. They don’t do much herding anymore, but millions still call them family.
  4. Pit bulls have a friendly disposition, so the breeders decided not to use them as guard dogs.
  5. Rescued pit bulls don’t actually have aggression in their DNA. In the temperance tests, the Pit Bulls took second place, behind only the beloved Golden Retriever. The least tolerant dog may surprise you: it was the Chihuahua, of all breeds!
  6. In 1993, Wheela the Pit Bull won the Ken-L-Ration Dog Hero of the Year award. When a dam on the Tijuana River broke, he came to the rescue of dozens of people and animals. In three months, Wheela rescued 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses, and a cat. In addition to saving lives, he also brought food to stranded animals and led rescue teams to horses.

Final thoughts on the rescued pit bull who got his own kitten

The rescued pit bull named Bubba enjoys life with his rescued kitten named Rue. Its owner, Becca, considers herself a lucky woman to have such incredible animals in her life. This story shows that rescued pit bulls are not the aggressive monsters they portray in the media. Any dog ​​with a traumatic history can become dangerous, not just pit bulls. However, with the right guidance and love, a dog can thrive and live a happy and peaceful life.

Editor’s Note: We learned that Bubba, the rescued pit bull, passed away last December after this video was made. We would still like to share her story with you. RIP sweet Bubba).

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