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Remodeling the land

August 13, 2021– Soil and water are the beginning of all things that sustain life. The indigenous women of the Sogorea Te ‘Land Trust know this from their ancestors long ago and from the call of the unborn children in the future. There is a sacred bond with Mother Earth that invites us to respect nature wherever we live. It is for this reason that the sustainable gardens in Sogorea Te ‘are maintained and used as an educational garden showing how we can cultivate the land using the non-colonial methods of the indigenous and black people who remained close to the land. By using regenerative agriculture, we can all learn to live in harmony with the land. Together, we can find a balance with soil, water and air so that all creatures can live in balance with each other for a sustainable future. (3 readings)

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To take actionConsider what you can do in your own place on the planet to help take care of the earth: buy or grow your own organic food, use the power of your vote to protect the earth, or support local and international environmental organizations.



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