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Rail Worker Who Saved Child From a Train Now Donates Half of His Reward Money to Boy’s Family

After saving the life of a boy who fell on the tracks, an Indian railway employee went viral for his kindness on the internet.

Now he is being praised once again, this time for giving the boy’s family money that the Ministry of Railways gave him as a reward.

Although she has her own family to care for, when 30-year-old Mayur Shelke received ₹ 50,000 ($ 660) from the Ministry in a special ceremony, she decided to donate a good portion for the education of the boy she saved.

“I will give half of the amount, which was given to me as a token of appreciation, for the welfare and education of that child,” Shelke said. Asia International News.

“I came to know that his family is not financially strong. So I decided this. “

As news spread of Shelke’s new act of altruism, her name was trending again on social media, with many praising her kindness and good spirit.

Earlier this week, Shelke saw the 6-year-old fall into the path of an oncoming train and instinct took over. “I ran to the boy but I also thought that I too might be in danger. Still, I thought I should save him, “Shelke said. Asian News International. “The woman (with the child) was visually impaired. She couldn’t do anything. “

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Shelke, who was a new father, was driven to act. “The boy who [slipped and fell] is someone’s precious child too, “he said Times Now News.

“My son is the apple of my eye, so that child in danger must have been to his parents. I felt something move inside of me and I rushed forward without thinking twice. “

It’s an old saying, but it feels particularly true when you think of Shelke and her selfless acts: true heroes don’t really wear capes.

(LOOK BBC footage of the daring rescue below).

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