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Protecting your Hair from Winter Weather

By Jenna Brooks

The holidays are here, and so is cold weather. While we’ve had a late starting winter so far, the colder, harsher temperatures are definitely arriving, and we all know what that means: dry skin and even drier hair. The cold temperatures and snow, depending on where you live, tend to strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, leaving your scalp  itchy and flaky. Have no fear: there are a ton of tips and tricks for bringing the moisture and shine back to your hair and life for the holiday season! 

The thing that is definitely most important is ensuring that your hair keeps, and even gains some more moisture. To create a solid barrier to protect your hair from being stripped away when you step outside, definitely try using a bit more conditioner in your shower routine. Make sure that when you’re in the shower that the temperature stays warm but not too hot. Excessive heat might feel nice and toasty when the weather is frigid, however, high heat can damage your hair just like heated hair tools do. Additionally, make sure to not over-wash your hair, as this can also strip your hair of its natural oils and highly irritate the scalp.

For after your shower, you definitely want to use a styling cream or product to make sure the moisture will stay locked and loaded. Try to keep your hair as wet as you can, styling as soon as you hop out of the shower, and section your hair so the product can reach everywhere. 

Most vital out of everything is to pay attention to and hydrate your ends. Their first to be attacked and destroyed during the colder months, so paying special attention to them is so, so, so important. Definitely adding on to that, you’re going to want to avoid using heat tools on your hair, which includes flat irons and hair dryers. While hair dryers for curly hair are typically a no-no anyway, you’re going to want to especially avoid them around the holidays. 

When heading out of the house, to stay warm, never leave the house with a wet head and make sure to bundle up not just your arms and legs, but also your head as well. It’s incredibly important and beneficial to wear either a beanie or scarf to cover up with. This extra warmth won’t just protect you from hypothermia, but also, it’s going to protect your curls after you’ve taken such great care of them. Don’t be afraid to refresh and hydrate throughout the day, you can carry in your bag either a refreshing spray or product to keep the moisture consistent. 

Back at home, there are a few tips to keep your environment humid and your hair protected at all hours. A super helpful tool is actually to buy a humidifier. This is not only going to protect your skin and your sinuses, but it will actually create a more hydrated environment in your house that’s going to oppose the dry climate outside. This is going to keep your hair hydrated and beautiful, and it’s going to protect your hair from the combination of dryness that comes from outside and your home heating. 

Finally, when you’re heading off the bed after a long day, you can opt to do one of the following. There are so many benefits to using either a satin pillow or a silk bonnet to cover your curls while you sleep. Not only will this repair some of the damage and exposure you’ve faced over the day, but it will also keep the hair nice and soft and moist. Silk and satin also won’t strip and trap the oils from your skin or scalp, which is why many dermatologists suggest sleeping with one to prevent breakouts or dry skin. Upon waking up the next morning, you’ll be looking radiant and ready to take on whatever the day and the weather throws at you. 

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