Is Backbridge tops or is Backbridge + Backbridge Stretch Book (e-download)? better?

Backbridge has new treasures!

Todays A vs B comparison is for two neat products from Backbridge that look pretty cool. Between Backbridge and Backbridge + Backbridge Stretch Book (e-download), which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a much closer look and see what we can see.

Number 1 item on our list is

Backbridge 😙

  • Natural back and neck pain relief at home
  • Just 4 minutes each day
  • Safely exercises and strengthens your upper & lower back
  • Gently aligns the spine

Why our competitors can HURT not HELP your back pain.

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Our second product on our list today is Backbridge + Backbridge Stretch Book (e-download).

Get the Backbridge, plus get The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book as an ebook!

STRETCH YOUR WAY TO BETTER HEALTH! Release Tension. Regain Flexibility. Relieve Back Pain.

Aging, exercise, and stress impact your body in many ways, leaving you sore, tight, or in just plain PAIN. Even activities that don’t seem harmful, like sitting, can have adverse effects and make muscles stiff and achy. Stretching is a gentle exercise that helps you loosen tender muscles, relieve discomfort, regain flexibility, and both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. It can be a natural way to cure pain and can even lengthen your life! This book ( AND BACKBRIDGE ) is your guide to stretching your body, from head to toe. It includes a quick total-body routine that can fit into your hectic schedule, as well as individual stretches to target specific zones of your body—and features tandem stretching, yoga, and balance exercises. Most importantly, it utilizes Dr. Sinett’s Backbridge, a revolutionary stretching tool. Its arched contoured design maximizes a muscle’s isolation and its stackable levels allow the user to alter the intensity of any stretch. The Backbridge is the ultimate way to help you incrementally and comfortably fix your posture, train your core, and dramatically improve your flexibility. The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book includes:

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All Products > Backbridge + Backbridge Stretch Book (e-download)

I’m saying my favorite between these two is.. by a very tiny margin: Backbridge + Backbridge Stretch Book (e-download).

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