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Police Dog Trained to Find Weapons Aces Special Assignment of Finding Lost Diamond Ring on a Sandy Beach

A Michigan woman accidentally lost her wedding rings on the sandy shores of Lake Superior, but soon celebrated the return of the precious jewels after impressive police work by the local sheriff’s K-9 dog.

Elsa green /Facebook

Elsa Green had removed her rings in Eagle Beach to apply some sunscreen, carefully placing them on her hat. Later, he was suddenly surprised by a large insect crawling on his cap and threw it into the air, remembering only seconds later that his precious rings were inside.

When a frantic search for the matching wedding band and engagement ring turned up nothing, Green and his friends enlisted the help of someone using a metal detector who was scanning the sand, but couldn’t find them either.

“I felt bad about that.” she said the Washington Post. “I have been wearing those rings every day for 17 years. But at the time, I thought they were gone. “

Hoping that the police had another metal detector that would allow them to continue their search, Green’s friend drove to the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office. While the department did not have a metal detector, they did have a ‘Dogo’, a specially trained 5-year-old Dutch shepherd with a nose for discovering weapons.

Dogo can also find things by perfecting a person’s characteristic scent.

According to Dogo, Handler Sgt. Brad Pelli, K-9s trained in “item hunting” can detect virtually anything that still has a trace of human odor. But, searching for a lost wedding ring would be a ‘first’.

Upon reaching the beach, Pelli cleared the area of ​​people, so Dogo would have the best chance of fixing the olfactory clue he was looking for, without distraction.

It didn’t take long. The intrepid dog clung to the scent of Green’s engagement ring and obediently sat up on the spot. Pelli wiped some sand over her hand and found its hiding place, then found the second ring nearby.

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Elsa green

With the rings on his finger where they belonged, Green and his 9-year-old son gave Dogo a big hug and praised the sergeant. Pelli for offering his services without any payment.

An ecstatic green posted on Facebook, celebrating the surprising find: “K9 Dogo, you will always be my hero!” she was excited. “Dogo put his training and skills to use and indeed he found my rings! I’ll bring you ice cream to thank you! “

All Dogo requires for a job well done is praise and a chance to play with his favorite ball, but after the mini-miracle on the beach, a little whim can be a great reward.

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Green’s friend Karen Saunders Kezele commented, “Amazing work !! We are very fortunate to have such a team here at Keweenaw! “

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