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Please touch the art

May 14, 2021– This compelling video tells the story of an artist, Andrew Myers, who is so moved by a blind man’s joy at “feeling” three-dimensional art that he is inspired to create three-dimensional portraits for blind or visually experienced people. damaged. Why is touching works of art taboo? According to the film’s producers, “Before the mid-19th century, tactile interaction was commonplace for visitors experiencing art collections, but as art museums evolved, the rules prohibiting touch became the rule”. In this film, Myers surprises George Wurtzel, a blind woodworker, with a portrait. Wurtzel delights in sharing his portrait with his visually impaired students at Enchanted Hills Camp while teaching them by example how to work as a blind craftsman. Wurtzel’s philosophy that “your life is what you decide it will be” permeates the film. (100 readings)

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To take actionTake some time today to listen to the extraordinary musical talents of the youth from the Academy of Music for the Blind, who provided the music for this video. [more]


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