Pisces Horoscope September 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Pisces personality profile.

Welcome to September, darling PiscesDuring August, you stayed on top of your finances by making a budget and following up on unpaid invoices. Remember, don’t be hard on yourself if the pandemic negatively affected your finances; you’re far from alone. We’re all working on getting back on our feet — not just financially. 

The new moon marks new beginnings in reliable Virgo on Monday, September 6, which turns your attention to your career. You have a reputation for being flaky, Pisces; it’s just part of being a psychic water sign who moves like the ocean currents. You’re philosophical and, at times, can get lost in clouds. Prove your boss and coworkers otherwise by staying on top of your tasks and communicating your ideas as clearly as possible. 

This date is also Labor Day, so most people have the day off. You don’t have to spend the day working, but you should ask yourself if you’re happy with your current situation. If you’ve been at a job so long that it fails to excite you, start applying for new positions. You’ll know you found the right one when you have no desire to act like a flailing fish. 

When Venus, the planet of love, enters sexy Scorpio and your 9th House of Philosophy on Friday, September 10, you find yourself rethinking your approach to love. Exploring a new relationship format may suddenly be of interest to you. For those who have been monogamous, perhaps you experience a desire to try an ethically non-monogamous set-up. Already poly? You may meet someone who brings out the monogamist in you. Don’t judge yourself or your desires right now. Understand sexuality evolves along with us.

When warrior planet Mars enters peace-loving Libra on Tuesday, September 14, you are even more ready to explore new things sexually. Mars rules sexual energy, but under the influence of diplomatic Libra, you’re listening to what your partner or crush desires more than ever. If they suggest a new kink or even simply a new date spot, keep an open mind. You’ll be surprised at what can turn you on.

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