Pharrell and His Dermatologist Answer Common Skin-Care Questions — Watch the Video

Exciting news: Allure just debuted a brand-new video series called Beauty Drill, and for the premiere episode, we got Pharrell and his dermatologist of 20 years, Elena Jones, to debunk skin-care myths and answer common questions about how to care for one’s complexion. Together, the duo cover topics like the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation, the temperature your water should be while cleansing, and how much sleep really affects your skin. As a bonus, the singer also shares some of his favorite products from his namesake skin-care brand, Humanrace.

First things first, Jones quizzes Pharell on the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation. “So our Rice Powder Cleanser would be considered physical because of the particles,” he says, before revealing that he’s also done many chemical exfoliation treatments with Jones in her New York City office over the years. “Every once in a while it’s really good to have a professional exfoliate for you,” he adds.

Next up, Jones asks Pharrell about the right water temperature for cleansing, to which he responds, “When I’m done with the cleanser, I usually use warm water and the face cloth that I use because I want to make sure I’m getting everything out. [But] when I’m done with that, I’m definitely hit the cold water, too.” Jones agrees that finishing with cold water is the right call. “I was afraid you were gonna say hot water but I’m glad you didn’t because hot water really dries your skin out,” she says. “You got with the lukewarm and cold.”

From there, Jones grills Pharrell on an ingredient known as tremella fuciformis — aka snow mushroom — that’s found in Humanrace’s products, including the Humidifying Cream. “It’s one of those funguses that just does the skin well,” says Pharrell. “It just really locks in the moisture, which was the key.” Jones then notes that you can find snow mushroom in the Rice Powder Cleanser, too.

Curious to find out the answers to even more skin-care questions? Tune in to the full video, below, to get schooled by Pharrell and Jones.

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