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Pet Owners Say Taking Care of Their Furry Friend Encourages Taking Better Care of Themselves

Nearly seven in 10 Americans admit that they take better care of their pet than they do themselves, according to a new survey.

The survey of 2,000 American pet owners revealed that 67% prioritize their pet over themselves, but the results revealed that it is a reciprocal relationship.

Eight out of 10 respondents said that caring for their pet actively encourages them to take better care of themselves.

How do Americans’ pets help respondents with their own health? Respondents said the greatest benefit their pet provides is reducing stress, depression, and / or anxiety (72%).

In addition to that, respondents said that their pet helps them to exercise (62%), by taking their pets for walks, playing at home, etc., and their pet helps them to be more cautious with the food they eat (44%), too.

Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Stella and Chewy, a natural pet food brand, the survey looked at all the things our pets do for us and the relationship between people and their four-legged friends.

The results found that 61% would be willing to let go of date nights or vacations if their pets are not by their side, and this is due to the unbreakable bond between humans and their pets.

Two-thirds (65%) admitted being closer to their pet than their immediate family members. And a dog really is a man’s best friend, at least according to 76% of those surveyed.

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Because of this, pet owners are not shy about showing their appreciation for their pets.

In fact, the results revealed that 94% make a concerted effort to show appreciation for their furry friend on a regular basis, and 26% do so by celebrating it on pet-themed holidays, such as Pet Appreciation Week. week of June 6) or National Dog. Day (August 26).

Some of the most common ways are to play with them every day (62%), feed them foods they are eager to eat (57%), and let your pet sleep in bed with them (48%).

Also, when it comes to showing our pets how much we appreciate them, many respondents use food as a means to do so.

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Fifty-six percent show their pets that they love them by feeding them healthy and nutritious food, while more than half of those surveyed (54%) admit that they always have their pets’ favorite treats on hand and nearly three-quarters (73%) of pet owners. make an effort to buy natural foods for your pet whenever possible.

Most Americans (84%) also look to their pet for support, love, and companionship and are grateful to their pet for helping them through some of the most difficult times in their life (83%).

“The results of this survey further emphasize what we already know to be true: our pets are our family,” said Marc Hill, CEO of Stella & Chewy. “The bond we share with them is strong and our pets bring us a lot of joy and emotional support on a daily basis. It is imperative that we reciprocate that love by showing them how much they mean to us as well. “

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