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Peek Inside One of the Largest Big Cat Rescue Sanctuaries

You probably recognize Carole Baskin from the infamous Tiger King show. While people may have their opinions on her, it is clear that she has a big heart for exotic cats. From a young age, she has been an advocate for animal rights, wanting to do her part to end animal abuse. Now, he runs one of the largest accredited big cat sanctuaries in the world.

“I wouldn’t even begin to think that I knew everything about exotic cats, but I do know that they don’t belong in cages,” Carole said. “Unfortunately, if they are born in a cage, they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives in cages. But we can do everything we can to end the practice of raising feral cats for life in prison. “

Carole says she discovered her passion for protecting cats at a young age. When he found out that overcrowded shelters killed some cats, made it his mission in life to end the practice. She knew she would need a lot of money to finance her dream, but that didn’t stop her. Sometimes he had three jobs to save money for the rescue of a big cat.

An incident that caused Carole to start rescuing cats

“By the time I was 31 or 32, I ended up at a live animal auction where I was buying llamas. By then, he had built a huge portfolio of real estate and would unleash the flames. So, I was buying these llamas, and the guy next to me starts bidding on a lynx. I leaned in and said, “When that cat grows up, it’ll rip your face off.”

He said: “I am a taxidermist; I’m just going to hit her over the head in the parking lot and make her into a den decoration. “

This moment fueled Carole’s passion for opening a big cat rescue.

After hearing his plans for the wildcat, Carole was horrified and begged her husband to bid on him. They won the bid and returned home with the cat. However, the cat had had its nails removed and it was from another state, so it could not be released. This opened his eyes to the dark side of the big cat industry, so he rescued as many as he could.

He ended up rescuing 56 cats from one fur farm, then 28, and 22 more than a third farm. Soon after, he received phone calls from people asking if he would take their lion or tiger with him. He realized that the problem was even more important than he thought. However, this further motivated her to save as many exotic cats as possible.

Mindset matters

Keeping a positive mindset also helped her stay focused on her goals. He knew he couldn’t let fear of failure get in the way of his mission.

“I was raised by my mother and my grandmother, and I learned to read when I was very young about things like The power of positive thinking and psychocybernetics. So, I knew that if I put in all my resources to end these problems, I could do it. “

While it took him nearly 30 years to establish the big cat rescue, he never gave up. For her, every big cat saved from a life of abuse or neglect made it all worthwhile.

“Now we have about fifty big cats that we give a home for a lifetime. These are animals that were not born in the wild and could never be returned to the wild. These come from backyard zoos, private owners, and horrible situations. “

Your vision for the future

A large part of running the big cat rescue involves raising awareness of cat laws. She and the sanctuary staff have contacted Congress to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act. This would end the handling of puppies and phase out private possession of big cats. People who already have cats can have them, but cannot buy or raise more.

Carole says that the most rewarding part of their job is when they can return a cat to the wild. If they can rehabilitate an injured cat and return it to its natural habitat, that’s a win in their book.

“I love watching them run free and claim their birthright. That is what makes me and our amazing volunteers and staff happy. We have around 12 employees and 88 volunteers, and these people work day and night in all kinds of weather to make sure these animals that cannot be released have the best possible experience and that the animals that we can rehabilitate and liberation has that second chance at life, ”Carole said.

Carole’s Big Cat Rescue does a fantastic job, but it’s just one part of a much larger picture. If we want a healthy and prosperous planet, we must all work together to create it. She hopes that one day we can all live in peace living with all nature. Finding solutions and trying to think positively are important steps in turning this dream into reality.

Imagine a planet with clean oceans and tree-filled forests teeming with wildlife. Imagine living together in harmony, that is what I do every day, and I will not stop until that is my reality. So I encourage everyone here to be so grateful for everything good in your life and everything you want in your life, every opportunity you have, feel that it is already here. “

If you want to help support the federal Big Cat Act bill and you are a U.S. citizen, please visit There, you can find more information about the bill and how to contact state representatives.

Final Thoughts on Big Cat Rescue by Carole Baskin

After Tiger King aired, rumors began to fly about the show’s characters, including Carole Baskin. However, it is obvious that he cares deeply about big cats and wants to end the abuse that is prevalent in the industry. Hopefully, the federal bill will pass and Carole’s dream of a kinder world will be one step closer.


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